Monday, July 7, 2014

Getting to Forgiveness

Imagine a place somewhere
out of the way,
a place found on a map, even,
with corners and angles and squares,
a sign on the outskirts of town
faded with age and made on barn-board, maybe,
or else new and glinting under the sun
and with words of open arms.

  "Welcome to Forgiveness!"

it might read,
to let you know that you were there.
To let you know that you had reached
your destination
I wonder sometimes
how such a trip must be.

Traveling alone, more than likely.
A car ride, it would seem.
of the road stretching away,
reminding you not only how far
you have to go
but also how far
you've been.

Observe directions.
Pay attention to signs.

Remember what you see.
Stop when you can or must.


And if you're still afraid of getting lost,
then tear apart your anger
in tiny little scraps
to drop in the wind
behind you,

to mark your path

for the return trip

and to remind yourself
(as if you need reminding)
that the road is there.

          Make the trip when you can.